Andrew Dido


Alex Madugu


Terms of Reference

  1. Initiate and sustain a robust dialogue between Berom of different religious backgrounds to engender greater understanding, brotherliness and harmony.
  2. Encourage the participation of all Berom communities in cultural activities, e.g. ceremonies, festivals, historical occasions, etc.
  3. Create a database of cultural activities and festivities in all Berom districts and neighbouring Communities/local governments/states, and encourage participation of our people in cross-neighbouring events and vice versa.
  4. Identify, initiate and maintain mutual and dignified relationships and integration with other Cultural Associations or Unions, resident in Beromland, with a view to integrating them under the authority and leadership of the Gbong Gwom Jos and the Berom Traditional Council, as well as the BECO.
  5. Develop a strong faith-based and culturally-relevant policy and strategy that will strategically position Beromland for economic development and growth in the emerging World Order.
  6. Actively participate in inter-faith programs of government and relevant Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), inside and outside the state.


  1. Andrew Dido (08036044144) Chairman
  2. James Pam Kim
  3. Yakubu Nyango
  4. Ibrahim Auta 08061218808
  5. Daros Davou Dachomo 08034566166
  6. Kachollom S. Best
  7. John Danboyi 08034426346
  8. Abdullahi Sheikh Ango
  9. Isa Pam
  10. John Ali Reng 08032820795
  11. BEMFO Rep
  12. Gwaja Davou Jatau
  13. Eric Yakubu
  14. Alex Madugu (Secretary)

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