Table of Contents

Plateau Leadership Summit 2021

BECO President Participation and Contribution

Leadership Excellence AWARD 2020

BECO President Receiving at Plateau Man of the Year.

The Commissioning of Blocks of Classrooms, Renovated and By Wunato BESA and BCNA

4th January, 2021

BECO Comprehensive School Kwi


Work In Progress

Completed Projects

The Making Of La'la Berom (Berom Compound) Motna-Jos, Museum, Plateau State, Nigeria

Part One 14th May, 2019 Initial visit to Jos museum

Part two 28th February, 2020 Commencement of work

3rd March, 2020 Work progression

Visit of stake holders at various times

30th May, 2020 Structure conclusion and planting of cactus

BECO One Year

Score Card Programme on KT.Fm

United kingdom Outing

BECO President Visit