To the Kuru Traditional Council and the Royal family of Kuru: LETTER OF CONDOLENCE

The Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO) received the news of the passage of our dear father and leader, His Royal Highness, Da Patrick Mandung, Gwom Rwey Kuru, with utmost shock, pain and deep sense of loss. This is a painful death we may not easily come to terms with. As mortals, we are limited in our knowledge and understanding of things of this nature. It is only the creator who knows the end from the beginning, hence we cannot question Him at all. We therefore, totally submit to His will.

2. There is no doubt at all, the death of Dara has created a major vacuum, not only in his domain, but in Berom land, at the state and national levels, where his contributions were very timely, relevant and well treasured. He was not only a renowned and one of the longest reigning traditional rulers in the land, but a highly respected and revered one, full of wisdom and integrity. The Royal father was, in all ramifications, a symbol of peace, unity and humility. His demise has surely robbed the land of his invaluable advice and wise counsel.

3. On behalf of the Berom nation, BECO mourns with our good people of Kuru, as we all share in the pain of the loss of our Royal father. We pray God almighty, to grant his gentle soul eternal rest. May God in His infinite mercies comfort the immediate family, Berom nation, the state and nation, and grant us all, the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

Chollom D. Gyang
Secretary General
31st July, 2023.