The Gbong Gwom cases against Plateau State Government Came Up for hearing.


Today the 3rd of March 2021, the case between Da Simon Pam Karak & 6ors -V- The Gov of Plateau State & 10ors, came up for hearing.

Similarly the case between Da Daniel Choji & 3ors -V- The Gov of Plateau State & 8ors also came up for hearing. The 2 cases are popularly called the GBONG GWOM cases.

Both cases have been adjourned to the 17th of May 2021 for continuation.

Hon Edward Gyang Pwajok SAN led CI Paul Esq, Joane Gwom Esq, Mayo Aluma Esq, Niri Darong & Walbapi B Rwang Esq for the Plaintiffs otherwise known as the Berom legal.