The attention of the Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO), has been drawn to the contents and intents of a statement issued and endorsed by one Muhammad Nuru Abdullahi, Chairman of MACBAN, Plateau state. In the said document of petition, addressed to the GOC 3rd Armoured Division and Commander, Operation Safe Haven, Jos, dated May19, 2023, the author, for lack of what to say, falsely contrived an allegation against the Berom nation, for alleged involvement in so-called killing and rustling of cattle in neighbouring Mangu LGA.

It will be recalled that, sometimes, last week, Mangu LGA came under a planned Fulani terrorist genocidal invasion, which claimed many lives and properties worth billions of Naira. We condemn the wanton killings of countless lives and destruction of homes homes and churches in several communities and villages in the LGA.

BECO is shocked at the display of chilling insensitivity by the said Muhammad Nuru Abdullahi, in shamelessly attempting to change the position of events, by playing the victims, as usual. We are further piqued at the unfortunate accusation leveled against the Berom nation, which, besides lacking in merit and substance, is a product of porous reasoning. This allegation is clearly false, maliciously contrived and poorly packaged intended to turn truth upside down. The Berom Nation, which is victim of the same progrom and land grabbing agenda, is currently suffering increased attacks and killings in our lands from the same killers and land grabbers.

BECO is completely ignorant of the existence in any part of Beromland, of any ‘tribal experts’ at rustling cattle, just as it beats our imagination that we will have such a reservoir of trained ‘experts’, to even export to neighbouring communities, yet our human and animal population is been progressively depleted, through sustained killings and rustling by Fulani terrorists.

MACBAN, in its release set out to, in it customary culture of insincerity, sell a dummy into the public space, purposely to divert the attention and focus of both local and international community from its programed killings for land grabbing, which today several indigenous communities, not only in Beromland (Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Jos South, Jos North LGAs) but also Bassa, Bokkos & Mangu LGAs, etc, have unfortunately, become victims of. This too has failed.

BECO hereby dissociates the Berom nation completely, from any insinuations of alleged involvement in any illegal acts, as contained in the document in question. Furthermore, we call on the security agencies to go the whole hog and fish out the wicked perpetrators and their sponsors for immediate prosecution, just as we unequivocally condemn the recent massacre of defenseless villagers in Mangu LGA and the continuing killings in Beromland.

Da Chollom Gyang
Secretary General
May 21, 2023.