John Danboyi


Timothy Danchal Toy


Terms of Reference

  1. Evolve workable strategies for peaceful existence co-existence, within the Berom polity and with our neigbouring ethnic nationalities.
  2. Develop strategies for transforming the Berom nation into a vanguard for unity among our people and with our neighbouring communities.
  3. Produce an effective and durable security architecture that will guarantee peace and security of lives and properties within the borders of Beromland.
  4. Organize, Coordinate and Monitor activities of Vigilante and allied security outfits, in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  5. To liaise and actively relate with security agencies in the setting up of networks for the maintenance of peaceful and secured neighborhoods.
  6. Devise ways of maintaining good rapport with security agencies and neighboring communities.
  7. Prepare and submit periodic reports to EXCO.
  8. To liaise with other NGOs on behalf of the BECO in the course of it’s carrying out its functions.
  9. Adopt any other necessary relevant step(s) that will facilitate the realization of its objectives.
  10. Can co-opt extra hands with relevant and cognate experience in specific areas that will ultimately add value to its work.
  11. Identify all IDPs in the event of emergencies, ascertain their immediate and long term needs as well as source out assistance from the public and appropriately distribute the relief materials accordingly.
  12. Collaborate with the state, local governments, corporate organizations, NGOs and individuals, for assistance in times of need.
  13. To decide its meeting schedules.


  1. John Danboyi Chairman – 08034426346
  2. Davou Dominic Gyang – 08168439206
  3. Ngo Grace Pam-Mutbam
  4. Joseph John Dinju (08025090103)
  5. Engr Yakubu Dafei
  6. Grace Edward Gyang 08064008090
  7. Sarah Yusuf
  8. Barr Solomon Mwantiri
  9. Col Barnabas Gyang 08035910419
  10. Garos M P Bature
  11. Bitrus Davoushey 08036537274
  12. DSP Adamu Dalyop (rtd) 08036286071
  13. BEMFO
  14. Pam Rondong
  15. Yakubu Taddy
  16. Toma Minti
  17. SP Dung Dalyop (rtd)
  18. Contr Dakim DPA
  19. Yusuf Fwom Vwosdung
  20. Samson Tsok
  21. Yakubu Chungyang Bagins
  22. Timothy Danchal Toy Secretary