Thomas Baba Bingel


Mark Rwang


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop in consultations with the Berom Elders Council (BEC), a policy on Berom Tradition and Customs, for the different classes of people and authority, in the land.
  2. Monitor and enforce strict compliance to the use of costumes, to check against abuse.
  3. Research into ways and means of building and preserving a robust database of Berom history and tradition.
  4. Schedule your meetings to suit your convenience.


  1. Thomas Baba Bingel Chairman
  2. Musa Chuwang Bot-Fang (080243270405)
  3. Sunday Badung (08038166429)
  4. Joseph Chollom Jack
  5. John Fom Gwott
  6. Silas Patrick Dung
  7. Ayuba Jagaba
  8. Jah Dakpe
  9. Stephen Gyang Monday
  10. Samuel Davou (Bukkyes)
  11. Pam Jari Dalyop
  12. Sam Dung Afrika 08030519300
  13. Mark Rwang Secretary