Austin Dalyop


Dorcas Kaneng Nyam


Terms of Reference

  1. Source for funds for the execution of capital programs and recurrent activities of the organization.
  2. Seek and, or establish critical partnership with reputable Companies, Organizations and Institutions to sponsor some of BECO’s programs and projects.
  3. Organize fund-raising activities to generate funds for specific projects or programs
  4. Support and encourage other Berom Organizations in need of our technical assistance in similar mandates with yours.
  5. Monitor and enforce financial discipline in membership of the Committee to ensure proper accountability.
  6. Liaise with, and assist other BECO standing Committees, where necessary, in matters of similar jurisdiction.
  7. The Committee will determine when it hold its meetings, but copies of minutes will be forwarded to the BECO, through the EXCO member in the Committee.
  8. All monies realized by the Committee are to be lodged in the relevant Accounts of the BECO, as soon as they are collected.


  1. Austin Dalyop (Chairman)
  2. Dung Sarah Anthony (081845490)
  3. Samuel Gyang Chollom (07065008228)
  4. Joel C. Lomak (08023175359)
  5. Dalyop Fom (Sanchos)
  6. Yusufu Davou Pam
  7. Yohanna Gyang
  8. Engr David Jang Tanko
  9. AIG Dan Bature (rtd)
  10. Yakubu Pam
  11. Mrs Grace Pada
  12. Dachung Bagos
  13. Chris Giwa
  14. Rose David Jugu
  15. BCNA
  16. All State/FCT BECO branches
  17. Dorcas Kaneng Nyam

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