The President Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO) worldwide Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop and his EXCO played host to a renown Berom movie producer Mr Samuel Rapson Davou – Producer/CEO JossyWoodsFilms Jos, in a brief but loaded presentation, Mr Davou explained the importance of documentary movie in nation building as well as the preservation of culture and heritage. Davou took time to also seek for support as the project of film making is tasky.

Presenting his paper with title “THE BEROM NATION IN NATION BUILDING” Davou went further to expand as follows:

What is the BNNB Documentary Film Project all about?

The BNNB documentary film project is all about bringing to the fore the numerous contributions the Berom Nation – its people and land – have made and still making in the building of the nation called Nigeria. This seeks to go further to bring to the fore significant contributions of other ethnic groups or personalities of other ethnic group on the Plateau to the building of the nation. All these in sum, give us a comprehensive and holistic document that posterity will depend on to foster greater passion and nationalism in her citizens.

Therefore, this project seeks to explore all the essence of a realistic society of the Berom nation – its people, culture, traditions, challenges and future ambitions/programmes to foster unity, development, growth and a stronger and enlightened people. Also, in the environment where the Berom nation finds itself, to identify and bring to light her numerous contributions to nation building of Nigeria.

However, the objectives of this project are not far-fetched from the above-mentioned objectives of a documentary film. But to be concise and connect to the essence of the project, we shall state thus;

  1. To reveal to the world the realities of the Berom man and woman,
  2. To inspire and restore hope to the Berom nation and the larger society a greater Nigeria of our dream,
  3. To inform the world in their quest for historic, educational and research purposes for future development,
  4. To stimulate a conscience amongst the people to protect, promote and nurture the very rich values of the Berom culture and tradition and to be proud show to the world what we are made of and what we can do,
  5. To encourage collaboration with other nationalities in promoting peaceful co-existence, unity, progress and development through identifying our individual meaningful contributions,
  6. To reawaken our conscience of who we truly are and how much contributions we have made in Nation Building,
  7. To promote economic opportunities waiting to be tapped in the mineral, tourism and human-capacity development sectors,
  8. To celebrate every Berom man and woman who have made great strides and cutting-edge ventures in the society – politically, educationally, scientifically, socially, economically, etc
  9. To become a hub for rich and factual information to BBC Documentary channel, CNN Documentary channel and Dutch TV Documentary channel are top digital TV among others in dire need of rich content.
  10. To set records straight where incorrect information or misinterpretations of facts are widespread.

BECO President worldwide, Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop appreciated Mr Samuel Rapson Davou – Producer/CEO Jossywoodfilms for a wonderful presentation and encouraged him not to back out no matter the challenges he may encounter. He assured him of collaboration to bring to the realisation of the project.