The Berom Community North America (BCNA), a non-profit organization that strives to promote the welfare of the Berom nation in the diaspora and the homeland, held its second Biennial Convention in California, USA, 5—6 November 2021. Chaired by the Commissioner of Information and Communication, Plateau State, Hon. Dan Manjang, the event was also graced virtually by the BECO President, Da Gyang Dudu, and many illustrious Berom sons and daughters across Nigeria and Europe, among others. Accordingly, the following Communique, containing highlights of the Convention, has been issued:

❖ The BCNA expressed profound appreciation to its members across North America for a successful Convention. The BCNA also extended immense gratitude to the Hon. Commissioner of Information and Communication, Plateau State, and Chair of the Convention, Hon. Dan Manjang, BECO President, Da Gyang Dudu, and all Berom sons and Daughters across Nigeria and Europe that graced the event.

❖ The BCNA is most thankful to the representatives of the Mwaghavul Community, USA, Gomei Community USA, Plateau State Association (PSA), USA, for their participation at the Convention. In the same vein, the participation of many other fellow Nigerians at the event is hereby being deeply appreciated.

❖ The Convention was premised on the theme: Harnessing our Culture for a Better Tomorrow (Wot Vog Ngon Mot Naka da Nahwol Mot ase Daka). The significance of this theme was to emphasize the values of the Berom cultural heritage as sine qua non for peaceful coexistence and development.

❖ The BCNA condemned the recent crises in Plateau State, which led to loss of lives and property. The BCNA applauded the creation of the Peacebuilding Agency by the Plateau State Government, and enjoined all sons and daughters of Plateau State to support the Agency. The BCNA underscored that without peaceful coexistence on the Plateau and Nigeria as a whole there would not be any meaningful progress in terms of development.

❖ The BCNA appealed to the Plateau State Government to implement its Plan for the internally displaced persons (IDPs), to facilitate the peace process in the State as well as ensure the return of all IDPs in Plateau State to their original homes.

❖ The BCNA proposed to collaborate with BECO and all other Berom organizations, to build a Monument in memory of all Berom sons and daughters that have lost their lives as a result of the crises on the Plateau, since 2001, and in this regard would pursue the observation of an annual Berom Day to pay tributes to these victims.

❖ The BCNA pledged to continue its support for the Berom cause in various areas of human endeavors, including promotion of education, economic empowerment, peacebuilding initiatives, among others.

❖ The BCNA pledged to sustain its collaboration with BECO and all relevant Berom organizations in the pursuit of its objectives.

❖ The BCNA agreed to hold its next biennial Convention in Maryland, United States, in the Summer of 2023. The specific date and other details to be determined soon;

Ngo Felicia Chomo Sodipe (Jakadiyar Jos)