The grand finale of the tour of all Berom districts by the Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO) was climaxed today at Vwang district, having visited 13 other districts in the passed two weeks. The tour which started at Za,ang district and later moved to Du, Riyom, Bachi, Ropp, Gashish, Fan, Foron, Heipang, Jos Batoh, Gyel, Kuru and Aboro districts. Reeling out the objectives of the visit, BECO President Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop narrated some of his achievements viz-aviz his manifesto which translated into accurate compliance. Significant and worthy of mention were the BECO Comprehensive High School Kwi which had since received various form of interventions and translated into a modern institution, it has also changed the goodwill of the school in terms of student enrolment rate. Another landmark achievement is the erection of famous La’La Berom at the Jos museum which was abandoned for 14 years. All the district heads were elated with the visible achievements of the present BECO national EXCO.

The general mood at all the districts was such a moment of encomiums on the Da Gyang Dudu led EXCO with a unilaterally call on the The BECO President to recontest his position in the coming election.

The tour accorded the National EXCO an opportunity to have a feeling of the people and to also know their challenges at the grassroot. Responses from elders, women, youths and groups expressed satisfaction at the pace at which the Da Gyang Dudu led EXCO is moving, they all declared their support towards attaining a greater Beromland. On an entourage of the President were all the national EXCO as well as district chairmen who made the tour a memorable one.