The 28th day of December 2021 will go down in history as one of the saddest days for Berom nation. It was on this day that the cold hands of death snatched Da, Navy Comdre (rtd) Lamba Dung Gwom,mni, undoubtedly, one of the very finest in the land. By every yardstick of measurement Da Lamba Gwom remained till death, the best in his generation and beyond.

During his lifetime, Da Lamba Gwom had a very flourished and fulfilled career in the Nigerian Navy, rising meritoriously, to the rank of a Commodore, before his premature retirement, along with other officers, by a government decision, at the time. While in service he held numerous service and professional posts, positions and appointments. He capped it all with a ministerial appointment, where he held sway in two ministries, namely, Internal Affairs (now Interior) and Culture.

Da Lamba Gwom was highly revered and respected far and wide, because of his unseen and unrivalled human capital development initiatives, among other unique interventions in the development of the land and the people, particularly the youth. A highly focused and principled person in the manner of the late Da Lamba Gwom is not easy to come by. This made the late sage a role model, character influencer and motivator to many of those coming after.

On retirement from his military engagements Da Lamba focused on his private businesses, where here too, he was very successful. The death of Da Lamba Gwom is certainly a monumental loss to Berom nation, Plateau and Nigeria. His honest, objective and intelligent counseling and advices, suggestions and interventions, will be greatly missed. The simplicity, humility and seeming isolated life style of our dear father, underplayed his unparalleled love for his people and nation, Nigeria. The loss of a man of such truthfulness as our dear Dara L D Gwom, is irreparable.

As we submit totally to the will of God almighty, we in BECO, on behalf of the entire Berom nation, worldwide, pray for the repose of the soul of our dear father, unassuming officer and gentleman, respected man of integrity and honesty, a patriot and peaceful Nigerian. We also pray God to comfort his immediate family-the wife, children and extended family, friends and well wishers.
Have your well-deserved rest Sir.

Chollom D. Gyang
Secretary General