In its bid to keep to the manifesto, the Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO) has sworn in members to function in its advisory board, college of education sterring committee and that of EX Officio members to fill in vacant positions in its executive.

In a brief but eventful program, the BECO’s scribe Da Chollom Gyang read out the names of the advisory board who were thereafter inaugurated by the President Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop.

The President Da thanked every member for honoring the call to serve the land, he reminded members of the enormous challenges bedelling the land ranging from poverty, insecurity, illitracy and the KKU imbroglio. He charged committee members to be sacrificial in the discharge of their assignment.

Administering the oath of office to the Ex Officio members, Gyang Zi Esq admonished the Berom nation to strive to be relevant politically, he suggested this can be achieved through political alignment so as to galvanize advantage over others.

In his acceptance speech on behalf of other committee members, Assoc Prof Adamu Pam appreciated BECO for bestowing on them huge responsibilities of serving the land. He promised to put in his utmost best.

The Gwom Rwey of Heipang asked every Berom son and daughter to rally support to BECO for the laudable programmes and projects being executed, he encouraged every Berom son and daughter to project his or herself as a worthy ambassador of the land wherever they find themselves.

Da Eric Yakubu in his goodwill message, also thanked BECO for finding him worthy to serve, he prayed for the sustenance of the programmes of the present BECO executive.

Da Musa Botfang shed more light on the programme being undertaken by CONECDA in conjunction with a foreign NGO towards the preservation of seeming extinct languages among which the Berom language fall.

Ngo Monica Gwom also spoke on the need for parents to be the crusaders for the preservation of the Berom language. She said every parent should take upon himself/herself to make Berom language a primary medium of communication at the home front.

With this inauguration, the advisory board have since being given a matching order to kick start the task.