The Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO), is very pleased to congratulate the Barr Solomon Dalyop Mwantiri-led Executive Council of the Berom Youth Moulders Association (BYM), on its overwhelming victory, in the recent elections. Note that the land in general and the youths in particular spoke and, with a loud voice. We are glad to note that though the process of the polls had some challenges, the outcome was a true reflection of the wishes of the people.

  1. BECO wishes to place on record the resilience of the Samson Makim-led ELCOM, that resisted all manner of attempts to frustrate the polls. That the elections eventually conclusively produced an acceptable outcome, is reason genuine enough for us to congratulate the young men and women that went through all manner of challenges, blackmail and threats to life. Indeed, the ELCOM members deserve greater recognition, appreciation and honour.
  2. For those who contested and lost, but heroically accepted the outcome of the polls, without any petitions, we say congratulations. You are truly the heroes of the nightmare the land had to go through in the course of the polls. In a situation of this nature, you win some and lose some. You may have lost at the polls, but assuredly, you won the hearts of many.
  3. To the members of the former EXCO, led by the outgone Secretary General, who stood steadfastly to ensure that the elections held, we say a big well done. Your labour was never in vain. History has since absolved you as your names are today written in gold.
  4. Having done with the elections, we earnestly call on all our youths, to close rank, dissolve all camps and work together. There’s only one BYM, one leadership at a time, hence the need to work together for the sake of of the land. We appeal to Barr Solomon Mwantiri to demonstrate credible and magnanimous leadership, by extending hands of fellowship to all.
  5. BECO is desirous of having a smooth working relationship with the BYM and all organisations in the land. This is the only our people will maximize the benefits of the sacrifices made in electing us. The unnecessary, unhealthy and destructive relationship of yesterday cannot be sustained in the context of contemporary challenges. We must work together.
    Once more, we in BECO wish Barr Solomon Mwantiri and his EXCO a very successful and fruitful tenure.

Da Chollom Gyang.
Secretary General.