The Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO) condemns the invasion of its school: BECO Comprehensive High School, Kwi, in Riyom LGA, Plateau state, this has once more evidently demonstrated the criminal intention and deadly determination of the Fulani terrorists to completely destroy the Berom society and economy. On Monday August 15, 2023, while in a staff meeting at the school, the teachers were forced out by the noise and noisy commotion of cows being forced into the compound, by the killer herders. Next, was sporadic shootings at the teachers running in different directions for safety. Mr Davou Rwang Danladi and his wife Sandra were not that lucky to escape, as they were gunned down by the terrorists.

The Vice Principal (Administration), now on admission in a hospital in Jos, escaped with knife cuts in his abdomen. This invasion and dastardly act has reiterated the urgent need for improved security not only in Kwi alone, but in all our communities.

Today our people cannot sleep with their eyes closed, can’t go to the farms, can’t go to the mining sites, even where the farms are prepared, Fulani terrorists will criminally graze their animals on them, thus destroying the unripened crops.
The state of siege over Plateau, must be addressed and immediately. From Mangu, to Bokkos, Barkin Ladi to Riyom, Jos South to Bassa and other Council areas, is the same gory tale of desperation and death wish. The pathetic aspect of our predicament is the seeming unwillingness of some forces in the security formation to rise up to the challenge and do the needful. We believe that the insecurity in the state and elsewhere in the country is surmountable. What is glaringly lacking is the willingness of the members of the OPSH to nip the challenge in the bud.

While we roundly condemn the gruesome murder of a young couple, (who wedded in March this year), a very hard working teacher and a promising young man and wife, we demand that the terrorists be arrested forthwith and face prosecution. Time is running out for the security agents to reinvent themselves and salvage their battered image, by living to its bidding.

Chollom Gyang

Secretary General