The Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation(BECO), on behalf of His Majesty, Da (Dr) Jacob Gyang Buba CFR, Gbong Gwom Jos, its Grand Patron, and the entire Berom nation heartily rejoice with our illustrious daughter, Justice Jummai Chundung Sankey on her recent elevation to a judge of the Supreme Court. The cheering news of this exceptional and remarkable achievement couldn’t have come at a better time. At a moment when recent events in the political space have brought untold pain and anguish to our people, this development is a soothing balm. We sincerely rejoice with you and wish you well.

Your well – deserved promotion has greatly lifted the spirit of our people, as well as strengthened our faith in God. We are stilled and focused to face the future with determination and confidence.

We are not surprised at all, by your strides in your career. You are from a family of silent achievers and certainly, you have kept to the bidding and excellent tradition. Count on us at all times for support and counsel in areas of relevance and calling. We assure you of the prayers and best wishes of the BECO and the entire Berom nation.
Once more Congratulations and may God grant you the wisdom to deliver.

Chollom Gyang.
Secretary General.
December 8, 2023.