That the turn of events at the various election courts across the country, on the aftermath of the 2023 round of elections, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many observers and a chain reaction behind, is not in doubt. Some of these reactions have been negative, while others in the affirmative.

  1. For us in Beromland, it has turned out sadly indeed, to present us with the greatest challenge to our unity as a nation and a people. No gainsaying the fact that we have never had it this bad and terrible.
  2. Obviously, our level of preparedness to accommodate the twists and turns of the judicial shocks and surprises, were weak and completely lacking, if any at all. We have instead, engaged in an endless wave of senseless and useless war of attrition , and in the process reaped heavily in self injury and destruction.
  3. Today we are far worse not from the shock of the judicial rascality so far displayed, but from self-inflicted injuries and wounds brought about by our narrow selfish interests. It should not be able so, for it ought not be so ab initio.
  4. Having gone this far in the wrong direction, it’s time we come together and reason as the family we are. We need one another to pull through the harsh political environment we have found ourselves in. BECO is of the conviction that it’s only through unity of purpose, collective enterprise and constructive engagements, with our faith in God, that we will bounce back and timely, too. We call for the total and immediate cessation to all wasteful abusive and destructive media propaganda, by some of our youths, that has pitched our people against one another.

Belonging to political parties is a right each individual or group is entitled to. This should not cause friction among brothers. We earnestly appeal to our people to eschew the raging bitterness in the land, as we go about our politicking. The land must be peaceful for any useful activity including politics to thrive. We can surely rise again. With God we are more than conquerors.
God bless Berom nation.

Chollom Gyang.
Secretary General