It is with a very heavy heart that the Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO) received the heartbreaking news of the glorious exit of our father, quintessential Patriarch of the Berom nation and Leader of the Elders Council of the land, Da Stephen Dusu Lodam. We are very devastated and heart-broken, but in total submission to the will of God, we accept the reality of this painful transition.
Our sense of loss is predicated on the little time we had to interact with Dara, individually and in the Council of Elders. He was, and remained such an objective and honest voice, on critical issues that called for inputs from men of honour. He was objective and forthright to a fault. BECO has surely lost a truthful adviser and honest intercessor.
We noticed that towards his demise, with worsening state of his health and declining strength, Dara would still make time to attend to issues of importance to the land and the people. That was the burning desire and love that he had for the land, to the point of his exit. Certainly Beromland has lost a rare gem.
We in the BECO, with this sense of heavy loss, sincerely condole our Grand Patron, His Majesty, Da Jacob Gyang Buba, the Gbong Gwom Jos, the Berom Elders Council, The Lodam Clan and the entire Berom at home and in the diaspora. We pray God to console us all and grand the deceased a peaceful rest in eternity.
Chollom Dung Gyang
Secretary General