The BECO EXCO was at the Jishe palace of the Gbong Gwom Jos, in continuation of its Thank-You-Visit to critical stakeholders. The visit to His Majesty, Da Jacob Gyang Buba, CON, marked the end of the over two weeks of visitations to all the Districts of Beromland. In all the Districts visited the Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop-led EXCO were applauded by the host Be Gwom Rwey, for excellent performance. The visiting team, speaking through its leader, Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop rolled out a list of its achievements, in the past two years six months of its three year term.

The very impressive performance of the BECO leadership, left all in the palace convinced beyond doubt, that the Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop-led EXCO has re-invented the BECO, through its sterling leadership style.

In his response, His Majesty the Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba CON, commended the the BECO EXCO for exemplary leadership, in cementing an excellent relationship with the Traditional Council as well as giving the Berom a good representation in the Coalition of Ethnic Communities Development Associations, across the country. He confirmed the position of the visiting team on its list of achievements, noting that he is a witness to the mentioned activities, at the BECO Comprehensive High School, Kwi, the Lala Berom and other areas of positive attainment.

The Royal Father, who is the Grand Patron of all Organisations in the land, commended members of the BECO leadership and wished them well in their private and public engagements.