Bitrus Gwom Chung


Gacha Steve


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop a Sports Development Policy Document for implementation
  2. Identify sporting events that can be sponsored in our rural areas without much requirements for costly facilities in place.
  3. Organize Sports Competitions between our districts and villages, and source out for sponsors.
  4. Identify ways and means of encouraging gifted sportsmen and women in our villages, to excel.


  1. Bitrus Gwom Chung Chairman
  2. David Sule
  3. David Gyang
  4. Kim Chong
  5. Pam Shadrach Choji
  6. Mercy Y. Chuwang
  7. Yakubu Dalyop
  8. Patrick Mancha
  9. Sambo Choji
  10. Edward Fom ( 08037009015)
  11. Sam Pam
  12. Silas Patrick Dung
  13. Fr Joseph Nyam
  14. Pam Jimmy Jerry
  15. Dung Musa Davou
  16. Gacha Steve Secretary

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