Ishaku D. Wang


Gyang Davou Danboyi


Terms of Reference

  1. Identify projects of high positive impact to the Berom people with relative advantage.
  2. Develop a strategy for the involvement of our people in such projects
  3. Liaise with other Committees, to identify abandoned infrastructures in our communities that can be utilized for the benefit of our people
  4. Suggest ways of motivating our talented people in science, technology and inventions, to excel.
  5. Any other issue relevant to the above terms that will add value to the Committee’s report.


  1. Ishaku D. Wang Chairman
  2. Ishaya Chuwang 08038917192
  3. Engr Gyang Woshi 08037004519
  4. Arch Monday Dalyop
  5. Engr Jack Bot Dung
  6. Engr Gyang Wash
  7. Engr Williams Gyang
  8. Rwang Jok
  9. Micah vwot
  10. Gyang Stephen
  11. Gyang Danboyi Secretary