Prof Thomas T. Shut


Qym Kaze


Terms of Reference

  1. Review and analyze the process and direction of politics and politicking of the Berom nation.
  2. Analyze Nigeria’s political Culture with a view to determining the position of the Berom nation.
  3. In view of 1 and 2 above develop a roadmap for effective political engagement, as well as deepening the process of political participation for the Berom nation.
  4. Suggest appropriate ways and means of deriving benefits and dividends from our vantage position of being the largest ethnic group in the state, in terms of political participation.
  5. Any other related issues that may deemed necessary and relevant to the aforementioned.


  1. Prof Thomas T. Shut (08037035946) Chairman
  2. Dr Daniel Dung Kim
  3. Rwang Pam Gyang
  4. Kim Titus Danja (08036176679)
  5. Gyang Mali Jok (08034502220)
  6. Musa Dung (08031842255)
  7. Joe Danladi (0805871147)
  8. Dalyop C. Mancha 08030591336
  9. Francis Jamang
  10. Rufus Bature
  11. Chief Donny Fom
  12. Dung Danboyi
  13. Stephen Gyang Monday
  14. Elias Pam
  15. Qym Kaze Secretary

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