Hudung Grace Gyang


Nathaniel Sunday Umar


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop a strategy for BECO’s engagement with the media, both print and electronic.
  2. Advice on the best, result-oriented and affordable means of engagement with the people, especially at the grass root level.
  3. liaise with the media to create a smooth working relationship.
  4. Develop a public-friendly image strategy for the BECO.
  5. Meet as often as you may deem fit, and report to the Organization.



  1. Hudung Grace Gyang (Chairman)
  2. Sunday Dung
  3. James Nyango
  4. Gindu Kennedy (08065190239)
  5. Felix Choji Dalyop (08033739805)
  6. Kim Deme (0803700574)
  7. Gyang Bere
  8. Pam Zang
  9. Ibrahim Pam
  10. BCNA
  11. Pam Jerry Jimmy 07038563086
  12. Friday Bako
  13. John Dung
  14. David T Mancha
  15. Chief Abraham Tongjin
  16. Blunt Morgan Tok
  17. Nathaniel Umar (Secretary)