Edward Gyang Pwojok, SAN


Barr Esther M. Jok


Terms of Reference

  1. Suggest ways and means of strict adherence and compliance to the provisions of the Constitution and the advice of the Legal Adviser, as may be required, by the BECO.
  2. Represent the Organization in matters of legality, as the case may demand.
  3. Offer legal advice or aid to individual members of the EXCO, who may be in need of such services.
  4. Educate, encourage and sensitize the average Berom person to know his/her legal and constitutional rights and how to protect and defend them.
  5. Prepare and submit regular reports to EXCO and Congress.
  6. Defend and protect the legal status and interests of Berom nation at all times.
  7. To drive the on-going review of the BECO Constitution to an end, within a month from this day.
  8. To meet as often as the Committee may so deem it fit.


  1. Edward Gyang Pwajok, SAN (Chairman)
  2. Barr Gai Peter (08069730525)
  3. Samuel Gyang Dusu
  4. Yop Rwang
  5. Gyang Zi
  6. Niri Darong
  7. Barr Solomon Mwantiri
  8. Barr Gregory Zi
  9. Barr Bitrus Simon Dung
  10. Barr Henry Bok
  11. Yusuf Fwom Vwosdung
  12. Barr Esther M. Jok Secretary

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