Musa Chuwang Bot-Fang


Hannatu Gyem Dantong


Terms of Reference

  1. Work for the emergence of the Berom identity through language and literature.
  2. Develop a language policy for the Berom nation, geared towards the preservation and deepening of the use Lem Berom and literature, particularly among our children and youths.
  3. Collaborate with the BLTB on the development of Berom literature.
  4. Engage the BEMFO on the need to make the reading of the Berom version of the Holy Bible in all churches in Beromland.
  5. Relate with and participate fully in all CONAECDA programs on language development.


  1. Musa Chuwang Bot-Fang (08036017903) Chairman
  2. Bulus Bot
  3. Susan Zam
  4. Davou Sunday Dung Dagwom
  5. Joseph Chollom jack
  6. Timothy Rabo Pam
  7. Stephen Gyang Monday
  8. Hannatu Gyem Dantong (08033822259) Secretary