Peter Pwajok Dalyop


Dagwom Yohanna Dang


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop a workable land policy for Beromland
  2. Address perennial boundary issues in close consultation with the Traditional Council.
  3. Review all expired land leases and agreements and abandoned structures on such leased lands as well as review and suggest strategies for resolving complaints from land owners with regards to expired tin mining lands and assets thereon.
  4. Liaise with government agencies on how to amicably resolve issues arising from the implementation of the land Use Act, vis-à-vis the interest of land owners.
  5. To co-opt experts with relevant knowledge in areas that will facilitate the realization of the objectives of the Committee.
  6. Committee to decide its schedules of meetings
  7. Develop an environmentally-friendly strategy for the protection and conservation of our environment, via-a-vis human economic activities.


  1. Peter Pwajok Dalyop Chairman
  2. Vou Dido
  3. Engr Luka Davou 08033543354
  4. Arch Dave G. Bot 07085132089
  5. Engr David Madugu
  6. Jonathan Chong
  7. Luka Chollom Pam
  8. Rex Cheng
  9. Yop Kwa-Gbadamosi
  10. Dr Ibrahim d Choji
  11. Peter P. Dalyop
  12. Chollom Gyang
  13. Davou Gyan (Dulla)
  14. Gyang Thomas Pam
  15. Dr Dagwom Yohanna Dang Secretary