Ladi T Dakwo


Richard Danboyi


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop a strategy to encourage our people to invest in the hospitality and tourism sector of the economy.
  2. Identify all forms of bottlenecks and constraints that may militate against the involvement of our people in the hospitality business and suggest ways of addressing them.
  3. Identify practical ways of preserving and transferring our culture from generation to generation
  4. Develop new innovations in aspects of our culture particularly in music, dancing, costumes, etc that will adequately project our identity in the best way possible.
  5. Any other activity that will enhance the realization of the objectives of the committee.


  1. Ladi T Dakwo Chairman
  2. Becky Soemlat
  3. Martha Pam
  4. Martha Bature
  5. Joseph Chollom Jack
  6. Hannatu Gyem Dantong
  7. Chundung Kelle
  8. Barr Kaneng Dokotiri
  9. Danja Martins 0803687950
  10. Richard Danboyi Secretary

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