Davou Dabi


Chundung J Shom


Terms of Reference

  1. Develop an agricultural policy relevant for Beromland
  2. Provide expert ideas, advice and approaches to farmers on how to improve their production and marketing of their products
  3. Identify a product with comparative advantage for every district and encourage its mass production.
  4. Ensure constant interaction with farmers and other critical stakeholders, including government functionaries to reposition the agricultural sector of the land for maximum advantages and prosperity.
  5. Advice BECO and the Traditional Council, through the Think-Tank, on agricultural related matters.
  6. Undertake or encourage a survey/research on the potentials of Berom indigenous food crops, with a view towards transforming them into income generating sources.
  7. Organize seminars, conferences and training workshops for our farmers, to facilitate the diffusion of new agro-allied innovations.
  8. Identify, analyze and properly document all arable lands, fadama, rivers and other water bodies and general landscape, with a view to ascertaining their economic viability and benefits to the communities as well as develop a policy instrument for the preservation of such valued assets from undue encroachment by the state, privileged individuals or indiscriminate sales.
  9. Identify, assess and develop an agro-economic policy that would seek to harness the viability and potentials of all mining dams and ponds in the land for maximum benefits to our people.


  1. Davou Dabi Chairman
  2. Sunny Jugu
  3. Alan Y. LoDam (0805870026)
  4. Davou Paul Matta (08034569164)
  5. Gyang Dangana
  6. Yusuf Abdulmalik
  7. Markus Davou
  8. David Yakubu
  9. Sunday Mancha
  10. Pam Tok Faruk
  11. Dinatu Kim
  12. Prof (Rev) Benjamen C.
  13. David B. Wash 08164339555
  14. Comtr Bitrus Wurim rtd
  15. Prof Mancha – 08035998266
  16. Chundung J Shom Secretary

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