The Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO) Jishe unit holds leadership retreat and award presentation to some of it’s deserving sons and daughters.

With a keynote address delivered by Hon Sam Godongs who spoke extensively on the need for reawakening by the Berom nation. His lecture was centred on four key objectives which include: understanding what is going on, how best can we come up with a frame of thought, to maximize our benefits within the scheme of things in our land and how best to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. He described the Berom people under three categories, history, demography and culture.

Godongs eemphasized that the Berom nation must have an agenda devoid of the perspective of the society, he defined an agenda as a principle one holds dear.He also redefine the mantra which he coined in the year 1996 “WOROM BARA TEYEI, SELE BEGWA NA SEI VWEL, WOROM SOGO – WOROM ASE WOROM” He asked the Berom nation to continue to play a big brother role on the Plateau but with utmost caution to avoid being stabbed.

Four Four papers were presented at the retreat by different scholars such

  1. Population and Housing Census: What Benefits for Berom Nation by Mr. Pam Du Deme, State Director, National Population Commission Plateau State.
  2. Re-animating The Berom Spirit for Development in Contemporary Times by Da Chollom Gyang, Secretary General BECO
  3. 2023 General Elections: Where should the interest of Berom lie? By Jacob C. Pwakim, CSO worker
  4. Berom Agenda: The Right Perspective by Dr. D.D Nyam, BECO Chairman Jos North

There was a question and answer session consequent on the papers presented.

The Gwom Kabong Da Gabriel Sha who was represented by Gwom Jishe, Da Ezekiel Kwon was delighted that a unit of BECO was putting on such a commendable outing, he said this is maiden in the history of BECO.

Awards of recognition of leadership excellence and commitment to the Berom dreams were later presented to deserving individuals, responding on behalf of other awardees, The BECO President worldwide, Da Gyang Dudu Dalyop who was awarded with exemplary leadership award saluted the organizers of the retreat for their well thought idea of bringing out such a laudable programme, he made a handsome donation of Fifty Thousand Naira (50,000) only.

The idea for the retreat according to the Chairman of BECO Jishe unit Mr. Jick Lawrence is to spur the Berom nation to brace up Contemporary challenges.