BECO CONGRATULATES MUTFWANG ON VICTORY AT SUPREME COURT, Calls for justice for victims of judicial rascality at the appellate court.


The Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO), on behalf of our Grand Patron, His Majesty, Da (Dr) Jacob Gyang Buba, CON, CFR, Gbong Gwom Jos, President Jos Joint Traditional Council and Chairman Plateau state Council of Chiefs and Emirs, all organisations, sons and daughters of the land, joyfully congratulates our amiable and hardworking governor, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, on your resounding and divinely -determined victory at the Supreme Court, yesterday. We knew from the very beginning, that the enemies of the state were at work. We equally had the conviction of the covenant of our God with Plateau and, were persuaded never to waver in our trust in Him, to show forth, in the end. To Him be glory, honour and adoration.

  1. We are glad to note that throughput the period of the unnecessary legal excursion and it’s planned distractive consequences, His Excellency remained very steady, resolute and focused in the discharge of your duty of providing the dividends of democracy and good governance to our dear people. We urge you to remain so, even now. This is necessary to make up for any delay or lost time and to permanently silent our detractors.
  2. We call on Your Excellency, to look into the case of our elected parliamentarians, who, for no fault of theirs, have had to be unjustly removed from office at the appellate court. Certainly, their criminal and forced exit which had the stamp and signature of the usual enemy, was part of the strategic plan to destabilise the state. This glaring act of injustice must never be allowed to stand. We urge His Excellency to join hands with men and women of integrity, goodwill and morally sound minds, in the nation, as well as across the international community, to remedy the malady and have our elected persons back in their chambers.
  3. BECO wishes to remind all our elected and appointed sons and daughters of their respective divine agreement with our people and, the need for them to be with and, for the people, especially in times like this.
  4. The open display of unguarded exchanges in the social media and other fora by our office seekers and their errand boys, which has created some sour taste and bad blood among our people must stop immediately. We can’t afford it’s sustenance because it’s neither in our best interest nor can we bear its cost. We need one another the more, at this point in time. In conclusion, we urge all indigenes, citizens and residents of Plateau state to value and invest in the culture of peaceful coexistence, the hallmark of our natural humanity. Let us all rally round the Barr. Caleb Mutfwang government to enable it succeed. God bless Plateau state.

Chollom Gyang.
Secretary General.
January 13, 2024